Great Combination Enterprise Co., Ltd(GCE) was founded in 1978. We’ve been rooted in the automotive materials market for more than 40 years, starting as the supplier of original TOYOTA spare parts. We gained customer confidence because of our good quality and reasonable price. After a great effort, now we play a huge role in the central Taiwan market.

Learning from Japanese management and quality requirements style, founder Mr. Hsieh decided to offer better service and bring more value to customers.

Therefore, we built our brands: IAP, and ZONEONE over the past few years.

ㆍIAP products include Cabin Air Filters, Industrial Filters, and Oil Filters, distributed to major auto department stores in Taiwan. To achieve the goal of excellent suppliers, we also invested in high-end special production machines and cultivated talents for production.

ㆍNowadays, with the increase of turbo cars on the market, but there are no economical products in the supply chain around the world. However, ZONEONE has obtained the authorization of turbo pipe production technology from European car parts & OEM material suppliers.


Possessing forty-year experience as an auto parts supplier, GCE has been well-connected with many original parts factories and has a deep insight into these.

For distributors, our high-quality products make your business more profitable. For end-users, we offer premium goods and a warranty. We believe that we are the right choice for you.

Through IAP & ZONEONE, we hope that we can provide the ideal parts to consumers, which are high quality, affordable, and versatile.

Extending the life of our customers’ vehicles is our mission and vision. Complete quality control testing, and uphold the pride of Made In Taiwan. We believe that our products can stand the test of time and safety, accompany drivers and their cars to enjoy every wonderful journey.

IAP & ZONEONE looks forward to serving you.

For distributors, our high quality products can earn lots of profit. For end users, we can offer efficient goods and warranty. We believe that we can give you the best choice.