IAP Air Filter Technology

  • Automatic Cementing Machine

    It can point and spray the glue, apply it to hot melt adhesive and reactive hot-melt adhesive.

  • Automation Production Lines

    Manufacturing in automated production prevents human error and increases productivity.

  • Slitting Machine

    Cut the nonwoven fabric evenly to keep the size and quality of each filter uniform.

  • High Folding Frequency

    It adopts high-cost folding manufacturing. A larger area boosts filtering efficiency.

  • High Radio Frequency

    High-frequency electromagnetic waves can activate the positive ions in the air, causing the friction heat of high-speed movement to glue the material.So that the special material can be bonded without the use of adhesive.

  • Over-edging

    Covering edges of the front and back to prevent the activated carbon from falling during transportation.