Zoneone Turbo Pipe Technology

  • Rotary Welding Machine

    The turbo pipe is machined into shape by using high-speed rotating.

  • Hot Plate Welding Machine

    Using a semi-automatic high-temperature fixture to melt pipes, it can be connected tightly instead of the original buried pipe method. Thus, the fragile pipes at the joint are not easy to peel off.

  • Reaming Machine

    The semi-automatic fixtures cut off edge material, removing all kinds of surplus pipes.

  • Laser Engraver

    Provide LOGO laser engraving services for customers.

  • HENN Assembly Machine

    The only OEM-specific riveting machine designated by the original manufacturer in Taiwan. It's for both rubber hoses and plastic tubes (soft or hard) to be connected in an assembly time of five seconds.

  • 3D Suction Blow Molding Machine

    The only XYZ Axis 3D suction blow molding machine in Taiwan. This technology control a wall axial and radial thickness. Therefore, inject the material after closing the mold, it won't produce plastic scrap during the process.